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Website dedicated to an Honors Biology Class taught by
C. Creutz

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This website uses a web Protocol called "Slidy" to display a series of slides. To the user the website works much like a Power Point presentation

To navigate Slidy Presentations:

Go backward/forward among slides: use left/right arrow keys
On touch screens: swipe right or left
Scroll up/down within a slide: use up/down arrow keys

'Home' moves to first slide; 'End' moves to last slide
On some computers: fn-key with left/right arrow is 'home'/'end'

'C' shows clickable Table of Contents; on touch screens: swipe down
'F' toggles footer on/off

Go to next slide: press spacebar or mouseClick almost anywhere

'B' or '+' makes text larger;  'S' or '-' makes text smaller
Occasionally have a clickable button or icon (often at right)

Navigating Slidy

R group of serine

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